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Excuse me, I think I'm naked: on a wall of Barcelona.

Excuse me, I think I'm naked: on a wall of Barcelona.

Some days ago, I sent an email to some spanish friends I met in 2003 in Germany, asking for news and giving them some from mine. One of these friends, Commandante Xavi, noticed a sentence I still fully believe in today : Job is the bad side of the universe, it corrupts the mind and reduces autonomy.

Not that I consider the life would be better if we all were lazy and disorganized. No, of course... I even consider natural to take part in the "great human adventure", to play a role in the developement of the humanity and, thus, to contribute with a work, with a daily action. Today, I started to work in a medium french company called Clever-Age. Appart from the "blinking" name, one main thing interested me : the possibility to work with my brain, and not to only be a computer-mercenary, the warrior of the last line of code.

I know the fears and the questions some of my friends ask them. One is recurrent : What is the goal of all of it ? To be able to pay cash the high-tech new digital camera of my dreams ? To be said "respectfull", to be adressed as "Vous" ?. No, just to grow, to discover other things, to play a larger role. It is not as "funky" as the student life, but is it also what you want, to live as a student forever ? As always, we now have a choice to do : either to grow our life with our brain and our humanity, or to be "acted" by it. I prefer to keep the control, and try to rectify the desillusionnist curve of the world. OGM, poverty, deseases, disculturation, egoism and monetarisation : what else if we do not search to improve it ? Ok, we may get old and stupid. We may make mistakes in our choices, but only one thing will remain important : did we do our choices with our mind and our conscience, or were we acted by the opportunities we had ?

  • written on: 2005-12-01
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