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— Please lay down on the sofa, it tells me more about you.

— Please lay down on the sofa, it tells me more about you. - Flickr

Photo is a fascinating media : lot more than words, the Image. There are a lot of ways to take a picture of a given model : in black and white or in colors, in focusing on a detail and forgetting everything about the rest of the subject, in modifying the camera tunings. My own interest for photography, however, concentrates on the scene, the instant. I search for the pictural excellence, but catching the instant is far more important to me. Sure, the perfect photograph does not exist, but I try to tend to it in my daily experience : searching for the good grain, the most incredible contrast, the deepest colors. And all this to the service of one infinite pleasure : feel like a human being who carries a right and good sight over the world.

One thing exceeds all these considerations: far in front of the image in itself, or information which it brings, only counts the Emotion which one can extract. Fixing in the eternity a moment of pure love, this is Photography. "Le Petit Prince" says It is indeed really useful, because it is nice. And this is precisely how I define my interest for this artwork.

My photos are grouped in chronological archives, like small sprites of my life. Selected shots are presented on my Flickr gallery.