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After graduating from École Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie and Télécom Paris, I joined a French web agency, first as a developer and then as the main manager of the expertise center of the company. Specifically, I develop projects or help clients to complete them.

In March 2012, I co-founded JoliCode, a high-quality consulting company specialized in Web and mobile architecture.

I am the author of several translations of Recommendations of the W3C, and I master the problems of inter-operability and accessibility of Web applications. More generally, my approach to computing focuses on the methods and techniques that promote a long-term development of Web architectures.

I am particularly interested in technologies related to PHP frameworks (mot specifically the Symfony framework), mobile development and the Semantic Web. My areas of expertise include the development, project management, training, consulting and writing. In 2012, I was the President of the French PHP users association.