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After long months, I finally pushed the documentation for sfDoctrineRestGenerator, a plugin which allows to generate REST-style webservices in Symfony applications, and whose code had been published some months ago, but without any accompanying documentation.

In lots of projects, you must build rock-solid and performant web services bound to some of your models. sfDoctrineRestGeneratorPlugin is just aimed at building that type of webservice more easily, faster, and in a better way.

I particularly love two things about the plugin:

  • the fact that it uses Symfony's validators to validate the type/content of the request parameters
  • the fact that, in most of the cases, building an efficient webservice will consist in typing a command line and uncommenting some options in a generator.yml file

The plugin is used by one very large french company, and therefore has already been rather deeply tested in terms of performance and capabilities. Please ask for new features or help on how to use the plugin on Symfony's users mailing list. You can also send me a mail directly. Happy REST!