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Excuse me, I think I'm naked: on a wall of Barcelona.

Excuse me, I think I'm naked: on a wall of Barcelona.

I released yesterday evening a sfPropelActAsTaggableBehaviorPlugin for the Symfony framework, which eases tags handling within Symfony projects using Propel. Tagging should not be painful anymore, and I just hope it will help people continue to build great Symfony apps.

The plugin already features several pretty things:

  • add/remove tag(s) on an object
  • multi-tags object search, and multi-models selection
  • tag cloud generation and tag cloud display helpers
  • related tags handling
  • unit-tests

You can get more informations on Symfony's wiki. Curious people might find a demo of the plugin on my "what?" page, and sample code usage in my links module. Thanks to my Clever Age's colleagues Tristan Rivoallan for suggestions about possible improvements, and Nicolas Perriault for the promotion of the stuff !

ps: Oh, and for those who have a RoR culture, this plugin is not a port of Rails acts_as_taggable plugin, even if I have taken certain of its concepts as a starting point.