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In the life...

I like to live, write, think, dream, make love, take photographies... Walk with my camera in my hand, discover the world, capture its vision. I often travel, the Earth is my country.

I have long believed I could really only love Liszt and Chopin, the fathers of musical impressionism, but I have since discovered many artists in electronica, jazz, alternative, cabaret... The music motivates me, it is life! The pleasure of the senses is the garden that I grow, contemplation is the air I breathe. I am hungry of meetings, I like to discover new people. Come see me if you pass by Paris!

And I walk the line...

At work...

After graduating from École Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie and Télécom Paris, I joined a French web agency, first as a developer and then as the main manager of the expertise center of the company. Specifically, I realize projects or I help clients to realize them.

In March 2012, I co-founded JoliCode, a high-quality Paris-based consulting company specialized in Web architecture.

I am the author of several translations of Recommendations of the W3C, and I master the problems of inter-operability and accessibility of Web applications. More generally, my approach to computing focuses on the methods and techniques that promote a long-term development of Web architectures.

I am particularly interested in technologies related to PHP frameworks - for example, I am the author of several plugins for the Symfony PHP5 framework - and the Semantic Web. These are issues on which I regularly publish in international magazines. My areas of expertise include the development, project management, training, and consulting. In 2012, I am the President of the French PHP users association.

You can find more detailed information on my Curriculum Vitae.